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Andrew Easternman

Man, 48
New York - United States
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 250lb
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Brown
Love and relationships
Status: Single
Favourite movie: CRASH! Of Eastern 401
Favourite music: 80's
Favourite book: The Ghost of Flight 401
Favourite color: Blue
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite sport: Billiards
Pet: N/A
Idol: My opinions
Education: University
Profession: Other
Bicycle repair and Cycling
More informations
I have been the thankful recipient of many compliments for my listening skills, unique creativity, homemade soups and Italian dishes, my astute sense of humor, & attention to detail.
What do I value? Honesty, a contrite heart, & in always showing a woman the kind of class & respect which I was raised to believe that women are automatically entitled to receive.
Am I a prick? Not usually; the ones who get the business end of my more prickish attitude are those who relentlessly try my patience.
Oh, how I love the oldies, and the good old fashioned romance of watching a great sunset, or cuddling by a nice warm fire with a great woman who enjoys the same; sipping some wine or her favorite beverage, after finishing a classy meal made by me, of course.
Some of the things which I deplore in this world are dishonesty, distrust, & an outright refusal to bath one's self. Oh, & experiencing a humorless person will wear out somebody's welcome with me in a hurry, as well.
Any allergies? Of course. To bullsh. There is much wisdom in the dynamic of a welcoming, & attentive attitude. The fools forego those vital ingredients, to a healthy, & lasting relationship. & in my world, fools lose out.