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Woman, 28, Colorado - United States
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130
Hair style/color: Light brown
Eye color: Green
Love and relationships
Status: Single
Favourite movie: Empty
Favourite music: Country, R&B, Rock
Favourite book: Empty
Favourite color: Light green
Favourite food: Mexican
Favourite sport: Empty
Pet: Dogs
Idol: Adel
Education: Highschool
Student/employee: Employee
I enjoy the out doors, hiking, camping, traveling, backpacking across country, and cleaning i know weird mix but i love to organize my friends are good at calling when they nedd their house cleaned.
More informations
I come from a large family and yet i have no family but it doesnt stop me from being happy, my closest friends call me squeeks because of my laugh and i love to lauh alot so who ever meets me finds that out real quick. I do not let anything hold me back if told i cant do something my mentality is watch me i'll do it and master it because theres nothing in his world that can hold me back. I'm very up front and blunt i'll tell you exactly what i think even though it miht hurt you but honesty is big to me ig you cant take the truth then please dont bother talking.
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