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Man, 21
Hlavní město Praha - Česko
Height: 183
Weight: 73
Hair: Hnědá
Eyes: Hnědá
Love and relationships
Status: Single
Favourite movie: Avatar, Star Trek
Favourite music: Worakls, N'to, M83, BMTH, Feint, Netsky, atp.
Favourite book: Empty
Favourite color: Černá, Bílá, Šedá
Favourite food: Empty
Favourite sport: Plavání.
Pet: Nemám, ale plánuji Shibu :3
Idol: Empty
Education: Elementary
Profession: Student
Naprosto domácí tvor. Vidět mě venku je tzv. Anomálie. Netoužím po procházce městem. Spíše lesem, loukou :P.
Poslední dobou ani nevím, co bych zařadil mezi mé hobby, snad asi čekání na nový školní rok, a ztraceni času u her. Faktem jest, že i hry mi dávaji cosi do života.
Umím programovat, a celkově tvořit digitální kontent.
More informations
Podmínkou je znalost angličtiny.: (používám ji více, než češtinu)
That is not a secret.
- Shiba inu lover
- Love long cuddles
- Hugging all along
- Cuddles > sex.
- Calm personality, but not so calm temperament. To understand this.. I do aim for overall peace of mind, but am flawed by impulsivity.
- I do suffer from m depressive and anxiety sympoms, and was treated with them for years, unsuccessfully. Take that into consideration.
- Smart, leader-type thinking, and strong will to stay positive. Not so strong will to fight when low on energy. In fact, I need a lot of time to move on.
- I do not want anything from you, other than you, and your smile.
Everything else is pretty much manageable using proper communication.
- I do not smoke, nor drink alcohol. In fact, I hate smoke, and taste of alcohol. Never took any drug, nor want to.
- Only pills I take are medications that totally do not help. Like.. I take antidepressants for years, and still have really bad lows. Maybe it's because I got misdiagnosed.
- Not interested in your boobs, or arse. Simply said, I look for eyes and smile the most.
- Sex is not as important, as intense feelings experienced in favor of loved person. I have experienced sex without love, it was depressing.
- Programming, and overall, IT content. I'm very versatile, and have vast knowledge, yet, so broad, in comparison to experts.
- Happily taking lessons from life.
- Dogs > Degus > Cats
- Proud EVE player.
- Kinda neutral.
- Music is very best thing of humanity.

Well.. That's... quite a lot of information. Hope it helps you to identify if we have something to talk about.
Overall, it does not matter, since.. you don't need this much to talk to me, or begin conversation.

Hope you have a fantastic day.
Leave me a message, and stay awesome!