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Seeking a sugar daddy or findom slaves

Hello I'm seeking a sugar daddy that doesn't need a gift card and scamming women. I also am a findom domme seeking subs and slaves to worship. Must have cashapp or Googlepay Kik: Bonthegoddess
Foorworship,Assworship,Joi,CEI,,and many more
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Danny J
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You can chat me up about that if don't mind
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Hi, I am seeking an attractive alternative women to give me castration encouragment. I am an oversexed cis white man. However I have used my alpha status in combination with my large manhood to abuse women my whole life, most commonly forcing women and girls to swallow my cum sometimes violently. I have been watching castration porn and have been searching for abused women when I date to allow them to do cbt on me as a start but I need to find a women who can convince me that she Is the one that can make it happens for me by mind fucking me into castrating myself. (Not for real... for a long time but st some point very real. But that would be my own choice.) If your the kind of women with a sadistic enough mentality to enjoy this and seeing it to its end please contact me. If not but you have dominate friends that would enjoy and even accept the organs as trophy I would be very generous.