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Twisted Minds Wanted!

I ONLY TALK HERE. I don't want to meet or talk on the phone. This is purely for fantasy chat.
I collect light skinned cock pix in exchange for my nudes.
I love to talk super nasty taboo chat! Rape, being tied up in your basement as a fuck toy, used as a breeder, pumped full of cum and piss, preteen boys, watching people/kids get raped, beastiality, lil necrophilia, choked till I pass out and used some more, pissed on/in, get preg by daddy/uncle/bro/grandpa, called a worthless filthy rape loving slut etc. Love being degraded and humiliated by cock!
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My name is Brianna Falzone a United States Army officer,
looking for a reliable and trust worthy person for a cordial relationship.
Please I'll be glad if you write me here with my private email
([email protected]) for more details and also send you my

Best regards
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