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Where are you, my good boy?

I don't need your "Hello! How are you?"


Stupid typical questions away instead of cool convos will banned! Saying some typical shit how you like beers, skiis, surfing and other playgame... Why it's playgame? Everyone wasting time on idle babbling. Moreover its damn boring say about it! Don't waste anyone's time! Ok?
Better tell me something about your current day. What did you learn today? Why this day is special for u? Maybe some thoughts you had.
You can share this with me. It will be more realistic and useful both of us.

Im in stress and resort with a psychologist. Its hard and lots no able to deal with me. So think twice before you contact me!

No looking for some who pay my life. I pay my bills by my own. My bikini not for conquer your eyes. Im proud of my body and no shy to show that i take care of my health and beauty

Not arrogant!

I need someone who will idolize me. Sorry. Life is too short. Let me be strict and say what I really need. Not really a particular "slave" but something close. Not BDSM. Just if you cocky masculine male - you won't sustain this, so don't waste my time. Wishing worship Goddess - in genes of many men from theirs ancestors so if you felt something like that in your life it's totally fine. So where are you, my good boy?

Im doing my own clothes and nutrition sale business. I know that this is not good place but I am looking for someone who could help me to manage a branch in Europe/US. I love my work, and working hard. Im ambitious and independent person and I would like to spread my items. But I am woman and i want feel tender, sometimes I can't get it together. I wanna mans shoulder close, with me. I can show my business to you.
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Sorry to be bluntly. You want a man and businesses partner?
Deco colley21
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I'm from Gambia, and I'm interested of what u all say yes i accept it
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Akash Nahid
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I'm here
Akash Nahid
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See you
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I think I just lost a few brain cells.
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helo..where are you?which country
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So apt