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Man, 48
Height: 1.75
Weight: 84
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Love and relationships
Status: Empty
Favourite movie: Casablanca
Favourite music: Slow rock
Favourite book: Sophie's world
Favourite color: Green
Favourite food: Greek
Favourite sport: Football
Pet: Empty
Idol: Empty
Education: Empty
Profession: Empty
More informations
Hello stranger!
If you have a good sense of humour, you can pass through to the next level. Otherwise,this is just our last interaction!
The quest of the holy grail needs you to be adventurous and quick thinker as I am.

True, I 've travelled a lot and got connected to cultures that I had only seen in National Geographic, however I continue travelling and exploring from time to time! If you want to become my partner in crime, send me a message. You will have ONE chance to prove you are worthy!
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