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Woman, 29
Minnesota - United States
Height: Taller than a mailbox shorter than a light pole
Weight: More than a dog less than a house
Hair: I have some
Eyes: They both work (sort of)
Love and relationships
Status: Single
Favourite movie: Annihilation (I don't have a favorite tbh)
Favourite music: Brain tickles, rage rooms, or funky wunky
Favourite book: It's always the one I'm currently reading
Favourite color: Can't choose they are all so beautiful
Favourite food: Bun bo hue
Favourite sport: Sports ball.
Pet: Cats but honestly all of em
Idol: Idolatry is childish
Education: Elementary
Profession: Employee
Art. Art. Art. Walking. Finding abandoned and cool places. Art. Trying new things. Art. Seeing new places. Art. Professional dabbler.
More informations
I'm double jointed ?
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