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Man, 35
Texas - United States
Height: 5'7
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Dark brown and short
Eyes: Brown
Love and relationships
Status: Single
Favourite movie: Hmmm idk
Favourite music: Metal, Rock, Trance, Rap (Mainly old school 90s early 2000s)
Favourite book: Another idk
Favourite color: Black
Favourite food: Mexican
Favourite sport: Football
Pet: Cat
Idol: None
Education: Elementary
Profession: Employee
Gaming, Playing guitar and a few other's cant mention....
More informations
Im straight meaning I am only attracted to women. Men dont attract me in any way sexually. Dont message me posing as a girl when your really a dude from a country other than the United States saying you are american when clearly your illiterate typing is just giving you away. Its sad. It doesn't matter to me where you are from because everyone is welcome. Just dont lie.