I'm a model I'm here for relationship and a married send me your WhatsApp number text me on Hangout [email protected]
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Maximous funny how all the fakes try to turn it on the real people. I do say who is a scammer because they are & I have always had proof everyone knows that. I don't want people getting their money ripped off. Also look at the scammer you on another Scammers discussion 😂 scammers stick together.
You Can tell me to shut up? Then stop commenting on my name & as far as shutting up. You are a disgrace telling a woman to shut up. As if a scammer fake like you even bothers me.
Now here is your tissue. Wait here is a tissue box leave me alone & my name. I called your b.s & now you keep on carrying on just the exact way a scammer does.
Hassan ibn
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J-A I think you're the scam you go around and say everyone is a scammer so do us a favor and shut up
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I am Oprah Winfrey & I am here to scam men out of their hard earned money. Thanks for leaving your details. It is amazing what I can do with all that information🤣Scammers stand out, When will the scammers realise that. Hopefully when someone scams them.
It is called karma Miss Model, with no correct pronunciation of even words🤣
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Where are u frm