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COVID19 real or fake?

Does covid19 represent the beginning of a new world order?

A year and a half has passed since the beginning of the pandemic, and the very end of the pandemic is not in sight, which is the worst, the strongest blow is starting right now covid19 since the beginning of the pandemic. We have all realized that the vaccine does not work or only alleviates the disease of the person who has been vaccinated, because it turned out that there are many types of viruses for which the vaccine does not work.

But it is strange that this virus itself behaves like the common flu and every year a certain number of people die from the flu, and there is no cure for it because it is a multi-type virus and it can spread itself.

It is not clear to me why the media that are under the influence of the state spread fear and panic among people because people are living beings, and they are also sensitive to large doses of stress which leads them to a much worse mental illness that is worse than a virus.

Generally speaking, we as a civilization are not ready for any catastrophes, and the COVID19 pandemic itself is real proof. Luckily for us, covid19 is a weak virus and has a very low mortality rate.

Imagine a virus that kills in two days. There would be a general catastrophe in the world, accompanied by panic. It would be each for itself and the black age of our civilization would begin.

Covid19 may be good because it prepares our civilization for a much worse virus, and we all know that the melting of ice started a long time ago, and ice can make anything and everything, and I hope that nothing very dangerous will come out because we were pissed then.

Feel free to write some of your opinions, this is just a difficult view of mine, which may not be true, but I like to write, so if you are bored, we can discuss a bit.
Dr John
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Although it is made in a lab but it is real as hell
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This virus has been used enmass to show the submissive nature of the masses and the willingness of the government and media to seize power. I do believe they are trying to institute the great reset and turn the free nations of the world in to socialist totalitarian garbage with them at the top. The great reset is real and has been plotted for by our leaders.
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Covinazism: Totalitarian political doctrine that seeks to impose an experiment on the entire population using deception, fear and coercion. Its militants roam full of doses and have been convinced that healthy people want to "kill" them ...
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This room is planned to discuss Covid19 and everyone has the right to like or dislike any post and there is no need for anyone to justify why they liked or disliked. The name of this discussion is about covid19 and anyone who is not interested can bypass it and no one is forced to write anything. If you have something about Covid19 feel free to write so we can discuss.
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Of you are confused why my thumbs down is because J-A said sorry & said for your family best wishes. She told you about her granfsrfer, uncle dying from cancer. U did not acknowledge her loss that is why, you are not nice.
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It is not a problem to get vaccinated, the problem is that these are all test vaccines that have not been studied enough. I have already written that the real Covid19 virus is not yet completely isolated and that both vaccines are based on mRNA that is inserted into the cell and changes the DNA sequence and so our cell produces antibodies. But when a person plays with DNA he can change something that can lead to death. In order for the real vaccine to be released into production, it must pass three years of testing so that there are no bad effects like GMOs. GMO or genetically modified food is produced and legalized, and the consequences that will come in the future are still unknown.

As children we were all vaccinated for various diseases and most of these vaccines we received once and never again and provide protection for life.

What are the vaccines after which you still have to wear a mask, you can get sick but milder, you still have to keep your distance and you have to receive five more doses of that vaccine or some other?

Now the fourth peak has started and the situation is even worse compared to last year, and last year there was no vaccine. They imprisoned us when there were 100 infected people a day in my country, and now there is 3000+ coffee, it's nothing and everything is fine, just get vaccinated and my state says that and the tabloids constantly scare the people and want to introduce a mandatory vaccine that violates UN law on freedom.
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Correction at I am happy your day = dad
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Nikolar hello 🖐️ if I came across rude then I apologise. I simply do not agree with well most of what is in there. I am sorry to hear about your family & yes I am aware it is in a similar form to the flu & pneumonia. I am happy your day is well, my mother also had severe pneumonia 3 times & we thought we would lose her. I understand your point about the hospitals being filled with covid patients. That is because it a serious epidemic, regarding cancer patients & other people's illnesses in need of the help also in hospitals they should be, unfortunately covid is rampant & the hospital's can not keep up.
I am not saying 1 persons life is more valuable than another's
I have had cancer take my grandfather, my uncle & my living uncle who had leukaemia, not as severe as my grandfather's or uncles. I feel & empathise with any person of any race colour even if they are a alien going through any illness.
With the vaccines in Australia there are 3 different ones available. I have been vaccinated as I am doing my best to protect my community & get out of lockdown & stay alive. The people who do not choose to get vaccinated are only thinking about themselves & not their community. I have spent 238 days all up on lockdown & seen millions of people in my country lose their jobs, business closed down forever .Hard working people who lost their homes.
Believe me I did not want to get vaccinated.
Then I thought hey I want to live.
Astrazeneca has been used for the past 30 years with these type of epidemics & been successful. The other vaccines have yet to be proven if they do anything to help.
A unvaccinated person will only just keep covid alive & spreading. With Israel & other countries being 70% vaccinated & still being inflected. Those countries have billions or millions in population, so therefore unvaccinated people keep on spreading it.
That is why it is still in Israel, India Italy every country in this world.
I wish your family all the very best 🖐️Tc.
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J-A this is just a discussion and there is no need to be rude. Everyone in my family had Covid19 and the symptoms were similar to the common flu, while my dad who was a smoker got pneumonia and barely survived. The mortality rate from Covid19 is about 1% and for that 1% people were in constant fear, imprisoned, out of work, suffering from various canine disorders and in the worst case committing suicide. You need to ask yourself how many people die each year from the flu, cancer and various other diseases and what is the percentage. How many people died because the hospitals were full of covid patients and could not be treated for other diseases. I would understand that the mortality rate is 10% as was the Spanish flu and that it is then treated rigorously.

Something that is interesting is that Bill Gates is constantly mentioned and suddenly he became a virologist and a major in the fight against Covid19. What is interesting about Windows systems is that only Windows systems have a virus that can corrupt it. So an anti-virus was created that every Windows needs to have in order to function normally, and a new version of the anti-virus comes out every year, which of course must be purchased. Bill Gates made a lot of money on this principle, but on computers he is now trying the same method on people. Covid19 is a virus, and anti-virus are vaccines. Vaccines that only fight against a certain version of the covid19 virus and now a second, third ... dose is given because one dose does not work and several doses will work. So now they allow mixing vaccines. The pharmacy that produces vaccines suits it to have as many revaccinations as possible because then they produce more vaccines. None of the known companies has isolated Covid19 as a virus and none of them produces a vaccine like normal old-fashioned vaccines, which is to inject a weakened or killed virus into the human body based on when the body will acquire immunity. All today's vaccines are based on mRNA, which have the task of inserting information into the cell, and based on that information, the cell will develop immunity.

The next problem is the appearance of green permits for vaccinated people and a ban on unvaccinated people, which has already started in Israel, and Israel vaccinated 70% of the population, and today there is a huge number of infected people.
It is not clear to me how an unvaccinated person can affect a vaccinated person. A vaccinated person cannot be infected by an unvaccinated person or can he?
If everyone around me is vaccinated then I am just dangerous to myself and there is no need for them to ban me from entering the restaurant.

This is a great world reset, and it is the return of the world to feudalism and serfs where feudal lords have everything and serfs nothing and who work for them.