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Relationship and marriage

Be trustworthy and loving it will make a better marriage...
Give your wife what she need..... trust her... make her fill you care for her
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I want to funny
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Look all I got to. Say is that all men are not walking horny pieces of garbage there are some nice ones other for sure
Tina wright
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Men' I don't know but they ar a demons messenger this day's . full of cheat and lie .
I just don't known why ...but it end relationship eventually .
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Am about to drop an atomic bomb here [bomb] [bomb] [bomb]
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All men are only interested in your pussy but not all men though
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Sometimes we have to look at ourselves as well and reflect on our choices, are we repeating old cycles and habits?

It's not always the man nor is always the woman
#self reflection
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All men ever want is your pussy am not saying there are no good men out there but the bad are more
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Sometimes trusting them still hurts
Mara queen
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All men are the same all they do is to hurt you after they get what they want